Makra Alabaster

We decided to introduce a selection of Alabaster products for table and floor lighting that are hand crafted from original Egyptian Alabaster stones. Extracted from Upper Egypt, same since thousands of years ago

Ancient Egyptians used this luxurious white stone as the lighting for the tombs of their kings to show their souls the way to the king. It was also used as table lighting as candle containers as they soften and kindly distribute the lighting of the flames…

Alabaster in the History

Alabaster is a mineral rock that is soft, used by ancient Egyptian for carving lighting solution and décor items.

The Alabaster name may be derived further from ancient Egyptian a-labaste, which refers to vessels of the Bastest the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and cats. She was the warrior daughter and defender of Ra, who sent her to fight his archenemy.

Alabaster products been used throughout history primarily for carving decorative artifacts by ancient Egyptian in their indoor homes, templates, and tombs. They believed that in the second life, this soft lighting will lead the soul to join the body of their beloved

Alabaster Today

Makra extracts its stones from quarries in the heart of upper Egypt’s mountains, guaranteeing an exceptional material and durability.

Our workshop is situated in the Alabaster cluster in west Luxor, where the artisans inherited their métier and their passion to this fragile stone from Ancient Egyptian civilization.

First, a special one in the team cut the stones another one shapes them into the required size, a third one engraves them to the target shape, a special phase includes a rebuilt their detached items and then given to the master artisans to finish it.

The result is this beautiful Alabaster piece to your hand

Makra Alabaster Products are still used as indoor solutions for:

  • Table lighting
  • Floor Lighting
  • Vases for Dry Plants and Flowers