Our Story

Our Story

Makra is a social venture created to revive the Ancient Egyptian art of transforming local natural materials into beautiful products for daily use. Makra’s handmade products bring ancient quality kitchenware, soft lighting, home textiles, storage and decorative solutions to local and international markets.

Born in Upper Egypt, Makra works closely with the local community. We are proud to have more than 100 small artisans working with us to create products for over 15 countries on 4 continents. Because we value sustainability, we continuously invest in our artisans and strive to preserve and honour their distinguished craftsmanship. Our working process is a collaborative and planned one; we see our work with carefully selected artisans, and their workers, as part of a larger journey towards sustainable development.

The quality of our suppliers and artisans’ skills have helped us build trust and long term partnerships with luxury hotels, restaurants, concept stores and retailers in Europe and the United States.

Social Responsibility

Our projects are about more than environmental sustainability and eco-friendly design. We are on a mission to fight poverty by creating jobs, transferring knowledge and investing in the lives of artisans and their local communities. We work with more than 100 artisans in 7 governorates in Upper Egypt, especially focusing on improving the livelihoods of women, girls, youth and senior artisans in small & micro-enterprises. Gender equality is a crucial part of our social responsibility as we constantly strive towards greater inclusion and the empowerment of women and girls across our value chain through training in production and operations management.