Alabaster tea cup candle holder – 7 sizes

Alabaster tea cup candle holder – 7 sizes

Alabaster Tea Cup candle holders and vases

Are you a fan of simple designs, raw natural look and calmness?

If so, these elegant Alabaster tea cup Candle Holders hand carved for you from well selected natural stones may be the right answer to your wish.

This collection of Alabaster tea cup candle holder comes in different sizes as indoor solutions for:

  • Table lighting; for night and day
  • Floor Lighting; for spacious spaces
  • Vases: for dry flowers and plants

You can choose from 7 different sizes starting from 7 cm up to 40 cm height

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Alabaster tea cup candle holder

This beautiful alabaster pot is used for soft lighting and vases. It is usually a lightly colored, translucent, and is a soft stone.

It enables soft and natural lighting solutions for a warm distribution of the rays coming out of the candle or the lamp inside. Alabaster Stone was also used as vases for dry flowers and plants � link to alabaster vases

Makra Alabaster tea cup candle holder

This Alabaster tea cup candle holder is hand crafted from original Egyptian Alabaster stones. It is perfect to the table and floor lighting.

Extracted from Upper Egypt, following traditions from thousands of years ago.

Makra Alabaster tea cup candle holders and Dry Flower Vases are still used as indoor solutions for:

  • Table lighting; for night and day
  • Floor Lighting; for spacious spaces
  • Vases: for dry flowers and plants

Each Alabaster conic candle holder goes through different phases.

First, a special one in the team cut the stones another one shapes them into the required size.

A third one engraves them to the target shape, a special phase includes a rebuilt their detached items and then given to the master artisans to finish it.

The result is this beautiful piece of Alabaster conic candle holder before your eyes.

Makra Alabaster Story

Alabaster is a mineral rock that is soft, used by ancient Egyptian for carving lighting solution and decor items.

Makra Alabaster stone is extracted from quarries in the heart of upper Egypt�s mountains, guaranteeing an exceptional material and durability.

Our workshop is situated in the Alabaster cluster in the west Luxor bank.

Our artisans inherited their m�tier and their passion to this fragile stone from Ancient Egyptian civilization

Makra Alabaster tea cup candle holder Lighting solutions are suitable for:

  • Interior Designers and Architects can find in our offer a basic and primitive collection or can ask to tailor lighting solutions that they seek to add that final human touch for their modern and classical projects
  • Hotels: For all kinds of hotels, our Alabaster shapes will fit perfectly the lobby where our giants would illuminate its floor, the dining and night tables romantically shining with our best fitting Alabaster candle holders moonlighting the sense of belonging and tranquility to its guests.
  • Spas: Health retreats owners from all over the world have purchased Makra alabaster candle holders for its quality and ability to soften the vibe. They spread coziness and distribute a sense of tranquility.
  • Concept Stores; Makra Alabaster products offer quality of material and primitive designs for those looking for functionality and permittivity.

The Alabaster name may be derived further from ancient Egyptian a-labaste, which refers to vessels of the Bastest the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and cats.

She was the warrior daughter and defender of Ra, who sent her to fight his archenemy Apep .. source Wikipedia

We have shared with you the above information to increase your enjoyment with the warm lighting and the story behind.

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