Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm – Unique Taste


Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm – Unique Taste

Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm

Created from clay, each Earthen Cooking Tray is a cosy reminder of home.

This natural handmade vessel will amplify the taste, texture and aroma of your meals.

The handles make it easier to carry although, when it cools down, the feeling of the clay against your hands will take you back to the luxury of ancient times.

The tray comes in two different designs; you can choose between classic handles or round handles.

You can also add to your Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm a matching lid for the full culinary experience.

Makra Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm is perfect for:

  • Eco-friendly kitchens; all our products are made with natural elements which make them biodegradable.
  • Slow cooking and mindful living; each earthen piece is an invitation to slow down and savour the process.
  • Health enthusiasts; made from quality natural clay, it is free from lead and cadmium and its alkaline properties are known to reduce the acidity of food.Daily use and special occasions; the rare combination of minimalism and luxury makes it perfect for personal use and for pampering your guests.
USE & CARE of Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm
  • Leave to dry before using and storing in room temperature
  • Increase heat gradually and avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • For gas & electric cooktops use a heat diffuser.
  • Do not use Makra cooking pots for water and liquid reservation.
  • Hand wash is safer, dishwashers may reduce durability.

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Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm

Are you planning to equip a new kitchen? Are you looking for the best set of earthen or ceramic pots to grace your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place.

Makra Earthen Pots, a high quality earthen ware made out of 100%Natural clay and glazed with natural sugar cane syrup to give each pot it’s unique look. This Unique earthen pots set is designed using similar techniques with that of the ancient Egyptian Nagada of (4000 B. C).

Safe and suitable for all kinds of food, this pot helps to  retain nutrients and vitamins in your food, it also help to neutralise acids in foods. It’s food safe, non-toxic and easy to clean.

Suitable for use in microwave, gas cooker, electric and charcoal stoves.

Join our happy customers today as order for your quality earthen pots. Buy Now Earthen Cooking Tray 20cm x 7cm!

  • Handmade in Egypt : Introducing a super unique and exquisitely handmade earthen pots designed using the same techniques as the ancient Egyptian Nagada age (4000 B. C) to grace your kitchen and give your food an excellent heat distribution for a better cooking.
  • 100% Natural Clay : This versatile earthen pots are made from an excellent and natural heat resistant ceramic clay which gives it the heat retention property, it’s safe for using in microwave, gas cooker, electric stove and refrigerator.
  • Sturdy and Durable : Built exquisitely to stand the test of time and outlast other brands of earthen wares in the market. The quality never fades with time, it’s built to withstand temperature of 100 – 130°C.
  • Food Safe: Makra hand made earthen pots are pre-washed, food safe and non toxic. This alkaline and porous earthen pots help to neutralize acids in foods and also help to retain food nutrients and vitamins during cooking.
  • Buy With Confidence: We handcrafted this earthen pots and have glazed with natural sugar cane syrup to give each pot it’s own identity. Our quality has no match, and we urge you to buy this product with peace of mind.


Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 cm
Handle Type

Round Handle, Classic Handle

Lid Option

With Lid, Without Lid