Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase


Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase

Makra Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase


The Cylindrical Vase is handmade of recycled glass through the ancient craft of glass blowing, practiced till this day in workshops around Cairo.


We at Makra are very proud to be part of the reason why this craft is still alive till this day and practiced in our city.


Inspired by the glass pendants hanging in old churches and mosques in Old Cairo, the Cylindrical Vase is the ideal glassware piece to add a touch of authenticity and originality to your home.


Besides its elegant silhouette and touch of authenticity, the Cylindrical Vase is also ideal if you are looking for an affordable gift that stands out.


The Makra Cylindrical Vase comes in a palette of beautiful colors, to match various tastes and styles.


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Makra Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase


Makra’s recycled mouth blown glass collection is inspired by the glass pendants hanging in old churches and mosques in Old Cairo.


Each design tells a a piece of history, and marks a story of dedication, and mastery of craftsmanship.


You get a mark of primitive and human touch when you Buy Makra’s Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase, or any of our glass collection products, entirely and completely handmade.


The Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase is a lovely piece that comes in impeccable condition with no cracks, breaks, nicks, chips, etc� only smooth edges all over, to ensure safe usage thereof.


Makra’s Hand Blown Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase is crafted by masters of the mouth-blown glass craftsmanship in Old Cairo.


The Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase comes in a number colors for you to choose whichever suits your space best.


Our glass collection is an art and craft that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.


Today, we are happy to be part of the reason why said craft (among others) lives on and is enjoyed by many clients all over the world.


Each Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase carries its own unique essence.


Makra collection shows the prestigious history of glass blowing in Egypt.


We promote sustainability by using recycled glass as the raw material with which each piece is made.


The product is also recyclable and bio-degradable.


The collection of the Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase comes in various beautiful colors to serve different functions, styles and tastes.


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It is the true embodiment and intersection of �Egyptian Authenticity and Fine Quality�.




Beauty comes in different forms.


People most cherish and admire their elegance, appeal, and aesthetic sense.


Each Hand blown Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase is created by Makra in a way that gives it unique essence and life, just like a Ruby or an Emerald.


Every piece takes dedication, effort, and attention to detail to be created.


�History of Glass Blowing


The craft of glass blowing has been around since ancient times, and is mentioned to have started in Syria, but flour�ished in Egypt.


More about glass in Ancient Egypt, Little Living Age – Volume 5 – Issue 57; �Originally published in the Polytechnic Review.


It has been found in many ancient civili�zations, including some parts of Greece and China.


Mass production of blown glass objects was not introduced until Roman times.


Over time, techniques have evolved, yet the look and feel stayed true to its heritage, with bubbles in the glass.


In Egypt, glass blowing is mostly practiced in a place called �Maqaber El Mamaleek� (known as �Cairo Necropolis�).


Glassblowing is a craft and an art.


The making of the glass is hand-made, and each glass piece might take hours to fin�ish.


Although the products are authentic in design, they are still functional and handy.


Such glass is also used in many churches and mosques.


What also adds to its beauty is that no piece is like the other, so every item is unique in all its structures.


Makra’s Recycled Glass Cylindrical Vase, made of recycled glass, will always tell the story of Egyptian craftsmanship and sustainability.

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